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    Jasper van den Ende (NL) is a lens-based visual artist whose in-depth engagement with light explores the urban urgencies of contemporary living in an energy conscious age. With a fascination for the contrast between the highly adaptable qualities of the human eye and the objective characteristics of the ‘photo-eye’, his recent work Exposure Value ZER0̷ expresses his rumination on extravagant night lighting.

    By minimising the control over the exposure value, Jasper pushes the photographic medium to its limits. Allowing the artificial city lights to flourish untamed on the sensitive material to leave images where the midtones and highlights ‘overflow’. This boundary pushing use of the camera allows him to extend the human perception while adding an indexical measure to elucidate lighting levels and hidden aspects of the urban landscape.

    His aim is to explore the five most light saturated cities (Tokyo, New York City, Cairo, New Delhi, and Hong Kong) in the upcoming five years to deepen his research on artificial night lighting and build an archive for the public and decision makers. In doing so, his works also shed light on the limits of visibility and representation through photographic media.

    You can follow his recent activities on Instagram.

    Portrait by Melanie Pelupessy



    • 2022

      Bachelor of Arts, Department of Fine Art Photography, Visual Culture+ minor, at the Willem de Kooning Academy, graduated Cum laude with Honours degree (Learning to Innovate Competence Profile of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences), The Netherlands


    • On show
      till 17-09

      Best of Graduates 2022 - Group show, Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam, NL

    • 2022

      Graduation Show 2022 — WdKA, Rotterdam, NL

    • 2022

      Alienation - Group exhibition, Worm, Rotterdam, NL

    • 2021

      InsideOUT - Group exhibition, Rotterdam Building, Rotterdam, NL

    • 2020

      Dear Shapes in Space - Group exhibition, WORM - Slash Gallery, UBIK Space, Rotterdam, NL

    • 2019

      Making (a) Public - Group exhibition, Sodafabriek, Schiedam, NL


    • 2022

      Scotopia - visual essay, Book Market - Unseen Amsterdam Photofair

    • 2022

      BK Informatie, Examens 2022, 2022-04

    • 2022

      Alineosphere, Honours programme

    • 2021

      Limits, Honours programme

    Nominations & awards

    • 2022

      Blurring the Lines, Fotodok, awarded Special Mention

    • 2022

      RM Young Blood Award, Nominee

    • 2022

      Drempelprijs (Threshold Award), Willem de Kooning, Nominee

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