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  • Window Views Carrousel, 2023

    Site-specific installation

    The site-specific installation Window Views wants to offer the spectator a reversed perspective (from inside - out) on the last piece of free ground in Rotterdam. While the installation simultaneously, emphasises a similar construction ground which can be seen through the windows of the exhibition space.
    The window views are not constructed according to the laws of single-point linear perspective but instead are having many different viewpoints –many differrent windows onto the building ground. This 'multiwindow' perspective represents the different views from different people on the purpose and interests of this last piece of ground.

    Window Views, 2019

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    Viewed through the windows of the Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKA), I saw the last piece of free ground fading away. The once green area facilitated a view from the adjacent art academy and gave air to the pedestrian crossing to the Willemsbrug and the Boompjes. During my own study period in 2019 (at the art academy) I was able to observe and record the transformation of a narrow lot into an architecturally complex residential tower. This project developed into a research of the impact of the residential building on the environment.

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